Why Software Developers Prefer An Online Cart Like Shopify

Developers Prefer An Online Cart Like Shopify

Shopify is a hosted solution which helps deliver web stores for enterprises, big or small. As a business owner, you can set up and run your web store in a short period of time. Flexibility is the USP of Shopify. So you can set up a Shopify online cart for any volume and type of business and also scale it up according to your needs. This makes Shopify popular for store owners. However, it is also popular with software developers. But why?

A Gamut Of Opportunities For Customization

You need to hire developers to customize templates, plugins etc for your online cart. Developers can customize Shopify websites according to the needs of your business. They can do so by customizing the themes using Liquid, Shopify’s tool to customize HTML and CSS. There is a world of opportunities for customization since the platform offers 10 unique templates for free and several paid templates. You can customize each of them into uniquely identifiable designs.

Plethora Of Sales Channels

Shopify makes it easy for online cart owners to sell products through different channels like a web store, Facebook Messenger, Facebook page, Blog Buy Button and the Shopify retail POS. But what is really interesting is that you can sync products bought or selected across different sales channels using the Shopify admin interface.

Diverse Range Of Apps

Shopify has a diverse range of apps for imbibing uniqueness in your online cart

Developers can choose from a large number of paid and free apps in Shopify. Developers can just tinker with these apps to build and run an online cart with a plethora of advanced features. They don’t need to write lengthy code ground up. There are apps for specific functions like shipping, inventory management, social media integration, accounting etc. Developers can also use marketing apps to drive traffic to your web store and increase conversion rates. The Shopify store also has a number of specific apps like those for reducing cart abandonment etc. There are also apps which help to monitor customer behaviour, analyze sales and identify traffic sources.

Robust Features

There are tools in the Shopify online cart with which developers can make your store interactive. These tools can add features like videos, 360-degree product views etc to the website easily. There are other tools which can simplify tasks like subscription management, data transfer etc. Developers can just build on such apps and use tools to come up with interesting features.

Mobile Optimization

Accessing ecommerce stores through mobile devices is common. The visitor must have rich experience with your online cart across devices and platforms. This has the ability to increase sales. There are responsive themes in Shopify which ecommerce developers can easily use to optimize the site for mobile devices. There are built-in mobile commerce shopping carts too which developers can use to facilitate a better customer experience in selecting products on mobile devices. Developers can also customize the Mobile Shopify App to contact potential customers, fulfil orders, accept payments and manage web stores from Android or iOS devices.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Shopify supports a wide range of international payment gateways. This makes it easy for businesses to choose a payment gateway and integrate it with its online cart. It becomes easy for developers to integrate the store with a variety of payment systems across the world.

Secure Hosting Solution

Patience has become a rare commodity these days. Potential customers tend to abandon an online cart if it takes more than 3 seconds for loading. Shopify is a hosted ecommerce solution which loads quickly. Developers can even customize their web store hosting process so that the site speeds up while keeping all the sensitive data secure. It is intriguing to note that you can implement the all-important SSL certificate in the site for free.

Options to Reduce Checkout Abandonment

Online cart abandonment is a common problem in e-commerce. Customers add products to their shopping carts but leave the transaction without checking out. Though there may be various reasons for this, a business has to induce such fugitive customers into completing the buy. You can offer them discount coupons or other offers to lure them into buying. There are many apps in Shopify for tracking abandoned carts and inducing the customer to make the purchase. There is always a wide scope for developers to customize such apps to suit your products and offerings.

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