What are the types and symptoms of seizures?

types and symptoms of seizures

Epilepsy is a form of brain disorder that takes affect when nerve cells inside the brain tend to misfire. This eventually leads of seizures that range between the scales of moderate to serious ones. It can evidently affect your behavioral pattern as well as the way the patients observe the things that are around them for a duration that can vary from one individual to another.

Types of Seizures
Now, you might have heard people trying to cure fits with the help of some bad smelling old socks or similar household tricks but unless you understand the cause behind the fits, it is nothing but foolish tricks to opt for these methods. It is better to get in touch with a specialist to handle the situation. So you need to know the different types of seizures that can affect your loved ones.
Seizures are mostly classified into 2 main groups which are:

  • Generalized Seizures
  • Focal Seizures

Now, these two variations of seizures can further be classified into different types. So, let’s understand the varieties of seizures that tend to affect the brain.

Generalized Seizures:
Generalized seizures are often known to affect both halves of our brain. It is categorized into two different types which include Absence Seizures and Tonic-Clonic Seizures.

The Absence Seizures tend to cause symptoms such as rapid blinking and even staring into the empty space for few seconds. However, the Tonic-Clonic Seizures tend to make the patient cry out, fall to the ground, lose consciousness, or even have spasms or muscle jerks.

Focal Seizures:
The Focal Seizures are the ones that are limited to a single area of our brain and are often dubbed as partial seizures. It is often segregated into three different types which include Simple Focal Seizures, Complex Focal Seizures, and Secondary Generalized Seizures.

The Simple Focal Seizures are often limited to a small segment of your brain which can lead to sensations such as twitching and strange taste in the mouth or weird smell. The Complex Focal Seizures often make the patients dazed or confused with the inability to respond to direction or question for few minutes or so. The Secondary Generalized Seizures often start with one fraction of our brain moving toward the other side as well. It is a combination of focal seizure and generalized seizure.

Symptoms of Seizures
Seizures or epilepsy is a broad topic that can only be decoded after deep study. However, if your loved one has been having such episodes, doctors often suggest medications such as Levipil 500 to help with the seizures. You can identify an epileptic attack by noticing the following symptoms in the patient.

  • Unconsciousness
  • Convulsions
  • Muscle rigidity
  • Sporadic movements similar to jerking
  • Repetitive jerking
  • Rigidity in muscles with stiffness
  • Loss of the muscle tone
  • Unusual euphoria like sensations
  • Emotional or memory disturbances
  • Automatisms like lip smacking, walking, fidgeting, along with uncoordinated and involuntary movements
  • Momentary loss of vision during the attacks
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