These Are Worldwide Top Free Educational Apps

free educational apps

With the advancement of technology, we all become tech-savvy and our smartphones have become the basic need of ours. In fact not only for communication we depend on them in numerous ways like playing games, earning money and also for acquiring knowledge. To amplifying your knowledge there are lots of educational apps which are available for all age groups. Here I will describe to you the top 5 Educational apps to educate yourself and learn new drills.


If you are looking for an app which provides you actual college courses then EdX is one of the best options for you. This app offers you more than a hundred courses like Engineering, Computer programming, History, and lots more. You will learn with online and offline lectures and various tutorials via EdX app. The best thing about this app is that it permits all the services for free.

Khan Academy

Another educational app which acquires the place in our best 5 educational apps is Khan Academy. Khan Academy Account gives you plenty of courses and also run classes. It exaggerates more than 10000 educational videos, classes and other programs for free. Khan Academy Education especially focuses on traditional subjects like History, Science, Math, and much more. It also runs an app for kids with the same features. I think khan academy is one of the unique educational apps.

Google Play Books

Now discuss one of the best educational apps ever Google Play Books. There is a wide range of educational books, textbooks, and other content of educational value. Basically, the price for all books is the same as other eBook platforms. There is a variety of eBook platforms but I think it is one of the unique of all. You can also upload more than 1000 eBooks in PDF format for reading later.


Quizlet is basically a flashcard based educational app and you can this app virtually for any subject. It helps you to the enactment of your class terms, learn vocabulary and lots more. Quizlet is also featured with foreign language support, pictures and audios.

There are two versions of this app free and paid. Free variant gives you limited flashcards and with pain version, there is no limit on flashcards.



Now talks about the first educational app for smartphones which offers a variety of different courses, Udemy. Currently, it possesses more than 32000 courses in the different genre like science, technology, and foreign languages. One of the modern app for learning life skills and business, marketing, health, fitness, music and lots more. There is a variation in content available on this app. It also offers you a free and paid version. One of my favorite app among all as it also assist you to learn about software.

Wrap Up

Well…I have mentioned the top 5 educational apps for maximizing your learning online. All the learning apps boast different features and it’s all your choice which one you pick for you. I think all are good in different terms and you should select according to your need. Still, any query regarding educational apps then comments below and also share your experience if you are currently using one. For more updated stay connected till then Goodbye.

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