These Are The Most Popular Video Streaming Sites


When it comes out to the best streaming websites in the world, for now, Netflix is undoubtedly the best. The range of Shows and thrillers that Netflix consists is unbeatable and cannot be found on any other platform. How can you forget thrillers and addicting shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards or Crown?

There are tons of videos on Netflix and the quality of the server and speed is the best. But did you know that Netflix is not alone when it comes to Streaming websites on the internet, there are some notable alternatives to Netflix and today we will introduce them to you.

I have heard a lot of people complain about prices of Netflix and say that it is a little expensive, especially in developing countries like India. Some people don’t consider it as expensive but would just like to explore other video streaming sites.

  • Amazon Prime

The best and most competitive alternative to Netflix is Amazon Prime. Prime is available in 100 + countries in the world. It is very cheap and also has its original shows which are mind-blowing as well. Though the quality of shows are nowhere near Netflix but still considerably awesome. I feel Amazon can give competition in future to Netflix.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is a US Based Streaming site and gives access to hundreds of good shows like 21st-century fox and AMC. Hulu is not available across the globe and is only mainly accessible in Tier 1 countries like USA, UK, and Canada.

Hulu offers Live Tv Streaming as well so it can be used as an alternative to your old cable connection.

  1. HBO Now

HBO is a big brand when it comes to the television industry and movies industry. But slowly and gradually it has created some original shows lately which has given a good competition to Netflix.

HBO gave us Game of Thrones and GOT has been the best or most popular show lately. HBO now has 5 Million subscribers thanks to the popularity of shows like Westworld and the huge audience in the USA is shifting to HBO NOW from the cable connection.

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