The Top Foodie Exhibitions Gujarat 2018-19

Foodie Exhibitions Gujarat

Few things unite cultures and peoples of the world as food do, and one of the most defining aspects of a visit to Gujarat and indeed Ahmedabad is the range of food that can be savored.  The city is but a natural choice for a foodie meet or food exhibition in Ahmedabad, as it does like on the crossroads of culture in the western parts of India and more importantly because of its proximity to an industrial setting that does produce a large number of processed edible items.

  1. Khadhya Khurak

The exhibition does cover broadly anything and everything that has to do with the preparation of food and its consumption.  So we have the latest of packaging and also the most modern processes to make even the traditional offering of any country. This year there is particular stress on introducing energy efficient preservation systems, whose greater use could mean better utilization of the food being produced in the country.

There is also a range of products that does enable the mass production of medications and particularly the traditional preparations like Ayur Veda. Since the exhibition is being held in the Exhibition Center at Ahmedabad, it does present a convenient location to get to with ample space for parking too.

  1. Sattvik Food Festival

Organized by the NGO Srishti, the exhibition has been a regular feature of the city of Ahmedabad for the past fourteen years. The focus is to introduce to a broader audience the more traditional preparations of the region. Some of the more recent innovations include the oats tikki chaat, soy cutlets and the likes that go on to introduce new products in a more traditional mode of preparation.

From the very inception, the foodie meet has aimed to introduce healthier dietary habits as with the use of newer cooking practices too. The spot located at the AES grounds are just right to allow the maximum attendance.

  1. The Momo Festival

There has been a renewed interest in the food items of the lesser known regions of the world and Tibet is one of the most obscure areas around. However, of particular note would be the simple steps uses to adopt the humble Momo preparation to the tastes of the Indian population. There has been an effort to introduce more vegetarian pickings in the Momos on offer, and this is bound to better promote the cooking style in the country.

So if it is Momos that is what intrigues the customer, then set the dates for the coming year to meet at the Green Pearl Lawns on the Sindhu Bhavan Road and from noon till late in the night.

  1. Street Food Festival

Street food is not just about having a cheap fill but the introduction to styles of cuisine that are somewhat offbeat. The exhibition being held at the Mahi Party Plot towards the end of the year; aims at popularizing a menu that is considered to be off limits to a lot of people. What needs a particular mention is the use of spices to add not just flavor to the offerings but just the extra bit of tanginess too.

With the street preparations, it is the individual talent and ability of the chef that would stand out in the dishes most of the time. Get a taste of pure electricity in cooking at the Street Food Festival.

  1. The Maggi Festival

Few people would have thought that the humble Maggi noodles could be made out in so many different ways and styles. In effect, the simple noodles have been turned into something of a gourmet preparation at this exhibition being held on Sindhu Bhavan Road. An evening spent among those who specialize in the preparation of noodles and the fast cooking type, is going to be educational. Even if the offering were rather radical to the more sedate palette, there would be a lot of take-ups away from the visit.

The food exhibition in Ahmedabad aims at introducing new food preparations to the inhabitants of the city and mainly to focus attention on the latest gadgets to get the cooking done too.

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