Shared Cycles – Getting Lives and Schedules Back on Track

Shared Cycles

Cycling is making more than just a comeback – it is offering solutions to many problems that urban dwellers face. From time management to health, these humble two wheels offer a way to a better lifestyle with less stress. Following the trend of many global cities, India too is seeing the rise of the bike sharing culture. Now, one can easily find a bicycle online with services like Pedl. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a cycle for the daily commute.

A Green Way to Negotiate Gridlocks

The traffic jams in Indian cities are infamous. Hours are lost and the frustration of being stuck can lead to a rise in blood pressure and stress, very unhealthy in the long term. With a cycle, one can literally pick up the ride and cross the street if the traffic jam is too bad. Cycle allows complete mobility even when everyone else is stationary.

One can negotiate small lanes and pass through small spaces. A cycling habit can save people a lot of time. It is also a very sustainable transport option. This zero emission mode is a responsible way of commuting.

Save on Work Commute

Everyone is talking about the hike in fuel prices. Whatever the reasons may be, it does take a toll on those who use their cars and motorbikes daily. Many enterprising professionals are cost-cutting by renting a cycle online and avoiding the trip to the filling station. Bike sharing companies like Pedal charge as little as six rupees an hour. A ten-hour rental period that includes the work day would cost around Rs 60, still less than the average auto-rickshaw or cab fare.

Health Boost

Apart from saving some money, cycling is a habit that can save lives. Very few activities provide cardiovascular workout in such a simple manner. And all these benefits happen while going about one’s regular work. Apart from a good heart workout, cycling also improves the core and leg muscle strength. It improves reflexes and a few km on the cycle is a boost for the metabolism.

A Mental Rejuvenation

A cycle ride is a perfect way to invigorate a person at the beginning of the day. The exercise results in the release of certain hormones that improve the mood of the person and increases the energy levels. The psychological effects of exercise will have positive bearings on other activities of the day, including work performance.

Why the Shared System Works

The most amazing part of bike sharing is that it requires no investment. Getting a ride is as easy as finding the nearest cycle station and unlocking a bike using an app. Many people who are not sure if cycling is their thing can use this service rather than buy a cycle.

To close the booking, riders can drop the bikes at the cycle station nearest to their location. So there is no hassle of storage too. Cycle rentals are very flexible with their plans – one can book the bicycle for weeks and months too.

A fitness routine, a time saver, or a cost cutter – all stand true for the cycle. Find out more by booking a ride.

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