Science: Is It A boon Or A Curse?

Science: Is It A boon Or A Curse?

What is science?

Science is a field of study that is concerned with the discovery of new possibilities as well as gathering information about the ancient civilizations. It is a field that is concerned with gathering information and knowledge about the natural phenomenon and the environment, through various experiments, test and the results or observations of the test.

Science is a field can be described as the field that is responsible for solving the mysteries of the world, such as the mystery of human existence, the mystery of ice and the ancient age, the solar system, the natural disasters, and environmental phenomenon. It is a field that is connected with every human being in more than one ways, the human body and anatomy, the working of many organs of the human body; all these mysteries are solved because of science.

It is a field that is present in every part of the planet and is a major reason for the technological advancements and various inventions that changed the human lives, starting from the invention of the light bulb to aeroplanes or space shuttles.

All the technological and engineered machines and structures are built and invented based on the principles and applications of science. The field of science is one of the largest and well-regarded fields of study, and many students around the world dream of becoming scientists.

To enter the field of science, the fundamental and basics as well the in-depth knowledge of science is required. There are colleges and universities providing science degrees both offline and online and the students interested in pursuing online degrees can search for the top online Science degrees to get the list of all the top degree program offered by various institutions and select the program that is appealing to the students.

Pro’s and Con’s of Science

Science in many ways has changed the world we live in today. Because of science mixed with technology, the human life has changed from living in forest and caves to living in the world-class buildings with various different facilities and features. Other aspects of life have changed as well for the best. But just like every good or bad thing in the world, science has a lot of pros as well cons, few of which are explained below:

  • Pros
  • Science is the major reason behind technological advancements and developments; it is the foundation of technology. Science and technology combined together has changed the world in more than one ways and has made living in the world easier and cooler.
  • Science is a field that allows the people to apply their creativity, thus giving rise to various innovations, science is a field that is responsible for solving various mysteries around the world, and provides a platform to discover and unleash new possibilities to learn more and expose new secrets about nature and its phenomenon.
  • Science is a field that provides explanations and answers to almost every questions regarding the world and thus helps in satisfying human curiosity.
  • Science is a field that provides solutions to various problems.
  • Cons
  • Studying and researching in the field of science can be very expensive, as the various test and experiments conducted in the field of science require various expensive tools and machines.
  • Science is a field based on which various technological and engineering miracles have been produced, but not all inventions are for the betterment of the human world. There are also those inventions which can cause mayhem and chaos around the world, such as weapons, nuclear weapons, and weapons of mass destruction, which are being used time and time again in various wars, and terrorist invasions causing the death of thousands of innocents.
  • Science and technology gave rise to computers, the internet, satellites, and various other devices that result in reduced privacy and in some cases such devices have resulted in various crimes, and invasion of privacy.

There are numerous other pros and cons of science, but to be honest if science and all its principles and applications are used with the good objective or the intention to do something good for the world and society, then it can be a blessing and if used for illegal or unethical purposes, it can be the most devastating field of study.

Field of science

To get into the field of science one must have the minimum qualification or degree. There are many colleges and universities offering the science degrees all over the world, in various different specialization or fields of science. Though pursuing higher education in the field of science can be pretty expensive, one may look for the tuition fees of various colleges and select the colleges offering affordable tuition fees, for example searching for Becker college tuition can give the information regarding the tuition fee of that college, and in this way students can select the best college to pursue a science degree as per their preference.

There are many organizations, colleges, and universities offering students the various loans, grants, and scholarships for encouraging and providing financial aid to the deserving students to pursue higher education.


Science is a field that is present in every aspect of life; it is the field that can make life better for the human being as well as devastating if used for wrong reasons. Acquiring education in the field of science can be quite expensive, but on the other hand getting a degree in the field of science can also be very rewarding.

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