Mia Khalifa Tried Flirting With Athlete. He Gave Her Back Perfectly & Blocked Her

Mia Khalifa Tried Flirting With Athlete

Mia Khalifa, the famous star from the famous industry (LOL) is way too active on Twitter. She is often seen messing with athletes & insulting them on the social media platform, whenever they try to DM her.


She doesn’t leave a single chance to hit back at guys; these days, Mia’s attitude with athletes seems to be a bit different. Last week, she was spotted playing basketball with a player.


Once again, she has become the talk of Twitter once again, but this time it’s because an athlete has given her back perfectly and has blocked her. Yes, Mia tweeted Baker Mayfield when his team won the match on Saturday. In short, she tried flirting with him a bit but he turned her down in the most epic way.

Mia Khalifa Tried Flirting With Athlete


First she said;


Then, she tried to be a bit flirty…


The tweet read, “I promise I’ll be good to him. You up, @baker_mayfield6?”

Well, Mia told him that she’ll always be good to him and not only this, she even asked him if he was up.


However, the athlete said,


It read, “Nah. I got my girl, I’m pretty lucky to have somebody like her in my life too.”

But this was not it; he even blocked Mia and she shared a screenshot of the same. Here’s the tweet…


LOL, he definitely didn’t need Mia Khalifa in his life because he already has someone special. Poor Mia; she must have never expected such a treatment from an athlete.

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