Manmohan Singh receives India Gandhi award for peace

Manmohan Singh received Indira Gandhi award for peace

Former Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh received one of the most honorable awards of the nation, Indira Gandhi prize for his hard work in the improvement of Peace, Disarmament, and Development in India under his tenure. The award was presented to him during his designation as the Prime Minister of the nation from 2004 to 2014.

As per the statement released by Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust, Singh was chosen unanimously by an international jury who’s chairperson is Pranab Mukherjee.

On this occasion, Suman Dubey commented that the award was presented to Mr. Singh for his incredible leadership for a  period of 10 years in India and his significant contributions in nurturing the socio-economic architecture of the nation while increasing the stature of India in front of the international committee. This award also dictates his contributions in strengthening the relationships from neighborhood countries of India.

It was noted by the trust that Manmohan Singh is one of the only three Prime Ministers of India who served the country for two consecutive terms completely. Under his tenure, he contributed towards the signing of ice-breaker nuclear treaty with the United States and Copenhagen climate change agreement.

It is also a notable fact that Dr. Manmohan Singh served as the Finance Minister of India in PV Narasimha Rao regime. His statistical planning and bold decisions save the country from facing an economic crisis. Under his administration, India has maintained to achieve the highest rate of sustained economic growth.

The international trust who awarded Indira Gandhi award to Dr. Manmohan Singh also mentioned that the voice of India is heard more effectively in international forums due to hard efforts of Mr. Singh.

Under his 10 years tenure, the nation not only gained a stronger social and economic structure but also the terrorist, violence and communal crimes had decreased significantly in the country. No other party leader fail was able to achieve this peaceful harmony nation.

This award was named after one of the most powerful female leader of the world an ex-Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. This award was institutionalized in the year 1986 and given on the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi every year.

The degree of honor of this award can be anticipated from the fact that the last two person to receive this award belongs from to ISRO and United Nation High Commission for Refugees.
Under Manmohan Singh’s ministry, a lot of improvement has been achieved in troubled areas like Jammu and Kashmir and the acts of terrorism were greatly reduced.

Bringing in light his works as the finance minister of the nation, it is crystal clear that Manmohan Singh set the foundation to economic liberalization project of India and advanced towards its betterment when he was elected as the Prime Minister.

During the award ceremony, Manmohan Singh addressed to the common people of the nation and put light on the fact that the success of India lies along its pluralist democracy. In India, diversity is celebrated in comparison to equity. The nation is trying to define its identity with less capacity while dealing with the changing globalization of the world.

Manmohan Singh was awarded this honor in the year 2017 by former Chief Justice of India Justice T S Thakur. On this occasion, the chairperson of Congress party Sonia Gandhi and former president Pranab Mukherjee were also available.

In all his years of service, Manmohan Singh had worked selflessly for the development of the nation and the welfare of its people. Even though he was born in a poor family, he worked hard to gain his position as one of the most salient economists of the world and his economic studies are appreciated by professionals throughout the globe. Under his ministry, the nation peaked to the 2nd second highest record of its GDP. Although the hard works of Dr. Singh for 10 years to maintain a sustainable GDP were vanished by the current BJP government who somehow managed to bring the GDP from the highest level to it’s lowest.

Manmohan Singh award reflects on his contribution in the inception of schemes like RTI and MANREGA. MANREGA insured the basic daily income of labor class while RTI increases the transparency in the proceedings of government work. Even though he was mocked at many instances due to his silent nature, his voice is always appreciated in the international committee and no other leader of the nation has managed to furnish the image of India as Manmohan Singh did.

Manmohan Singh received many national and international awards for his contribution on the development of a strong nation and his leadership is once again needed in the country to steer it away from these turbulent times of failing economy.

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