Bill Gates Posts Series Of 14 Tweets & Gives The Best Career Advice Which Can Change Your Life!

Bill Gates Posts Series Of 14 Tweets

We always want to know the secret mantras of successful people, right? People wish to follow big personalities in order to get some knowledge from them, which will lead to making the right choices in life. What’s better than getting some enlightenment from the richest man of the world, Bill Gates himself?


Bill Gates Posts Series Of 14 Tweets


The 61 year old has achieved a lot in life, in spite of being a college dropout. We salute him for that! However, he has certain regrets in life and wants that one should take care of all those aspects.


Everyone loves to listen to the most powerful man in the world & this is why he has shared some valuable career tips through his Twitter handle.


His series of 14 tweets are filled with his regrets, opinions, ideas and experiences. We can say that they are pure gold and have the capability of changing someone’s life.


Have a look;


And he starts his sharing session!




According to Bill Gates, these are promising fields!








Bill Gates thought, “Intelligence is not important”.




One more regret!




You know more than I did!




Importance of good company!



How he measures happiness!




Precious graduation present!




Peaceful time in human history!



Spread the progress!




There’s always a solution!




I love my work!




Make the most of it!




Bill Gates’ mind is filled with simple thoughts and the only thing he does is works with dedication. Today, life is very complicated and amidst this, it’s very difficult to achieve success, but if you follow these tips shared by the legend, you can definitely make a difference.

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