Amazing Tips for a Giving A Perfect Therapeutic Hand Massage

Hand Massage

Your hands are composed of 27 bones along with lots of muscles, tissues, and joints that connect to make your hands and arms function well.No matter what kind of job you are working for, we use our hands for many hours while working on various jobs.

Thus your hands get a lot of things done and thus get tired. One of the most effective ways of relaxing and revitalizing your hand muscles and joints is through a perfect therapeutic hand massage.

Not only would these therapies improve your hand movement, flexibility improved blood circulation, reduce fatigue but would prevent various problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Why Massage Hands for Relaxation?

Studies reveal that hands are the parts of your body along with feet that have reflexology points.

These points when worked upon can relieve various other parts of your body such as headaches, pain in eyes or ears and other body parts. Also, there is equipment available for you to use such as hand massagers and massage chairs with hand massage function.

Massage chairs can do much more than a hand massage, but it is available for you. As example companies such as Kahuna, Luraco, Human Touch offer lots of chairs with hand and arm massage options. As an example, Infinity IT-8500 massage chair here have good hand massage option as well as Luraco I7 chair.

Proper Techniques of Hand Massage

Although you will feel that giving a hand massage is simple, but there are the right techniques and methods of giving a relaxing hand massage.

By learning simple techniques and tips, you will be able to relax your hands and arms which in turn would revitalize your overall body.

Prepare for a Hand Massage

Remove Jewelry: Before you begin a massage therapy for your hands and arms, you should take off any jewelry, watch or other items that may hinder therapists’ way.

Breathe Well: As these hand massage therapies are applied, it is important that you should breathe well inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Proper breathing would give you enhanced benefits of these therapies.

Stretch your Hands and Arms: Before therapy begins, you should stretch your arms, hands, and fingers gently to prepare your muscles for relaxation.

Use of Oils: For all the techniques that we will be defined here, you may prefer using massage oil or massage lotion to elevate the soothing effect of therapeutic hand massage further. Just apply some drops of oil or take a small quantity of lotion in one hand as you apply massage therapy to another hand.

Important Tip: All the therapies are aimed for relaxation, and thus pressures applied may be firm yet not painful. If any signs of severe pain are witnessed, you should stop the therapy immediately and seek help from a doctor if needed.

  • Squeezing Therapy: This technique would involve padding throughout your hand. Just use your index fingertip along with thumb to slowly pad another hand fingers. Make sure that you begin squeezing fingers from tip throughout their length with gentle yet firm squeezing. Repeat these steps multiple times.
  • Stretching Therapy: Proper stretching de-stresses your body parts. This stretching therapy would begin with shaking up of your hands and fingers. Your arms would be stretched completely and would make a fist with your wrists bend while hands are pointing downwards. Next would be flexing up of hands in an upward and downward position. Repeat these steps multiple times.
  • Pressing Therapy: Usually, a small massage ball (or tennis one) is used to apply this therapy. This ball is placed between your hands, and both of your palms are gently pressed with increased pressure over the ball. Now roll the ball throughout your hands starting from tips to the wrist. Repeat these steps multiple times.
  • Rubbing Therapy: Both of your hands are rubbed against each other beginning with right one over left one. Rub with your best speed possible, and it will make your hands warm. Repeat these steps now with leftover your right hand. This therapy is one of the best tips for relaxing muscles of your hands.
  • Compressing Therapy: All the edges of your hands are covered with this therapy. It involves the use of your thumb for therapy. With your thumb, compress your palm by applying short worm style movements working your way up, down, inside and outside of palm. Begin with light pressure and increase the pressure for a deeper therapy. Cover pads under fingers and thumb too. With this therapy, all your tight and sore spots will be identified for a therapist or you to work upon.
  • Rolling Therapy: This is one of the most common and effective parts of a hand massage therapy that involves the use of circulatory movements to massage and relax all the tendons around your hands gently. For this massage, you would need to keep your arms at rest. If you are doing it yourself, you may use a massage/tennis ball and roll it along with your hands, wrist down to the elbows for each hand. A therapist would use his/her hands and fingers for circulatory massage movements throughout your hands.
  • Forearm Massage: Some of you may be witnessing pain and stress in your thumb. Remember that thumb has its strong connection to elbow and if you have a sore thumb, you should continue massage starting from thumb down to your elbows.
  • Strokes between Bones: While experiencing massage therapy by yourself or by a therapist, you will be able to identify the location of bones in your hands. The base of your hands between bones should be massaged well with light pinching and short strokes with gentle rubbing for complete relaxation.

Tips for Soothing Hands and Arms

  • Apart from the massage techniques that we have shared here, one tip for relaxing your hands and arms is to soak them in lukewarm water with two spoons of salt in it. Let your hands and arms stay there for around 10 to 15 minutes, and it will help in relaxing muscles.
  • You may also use herbal balm and rub it gently over your hands and arms for relaxation.


An effective and relaxing hand massage therapy is best for your tired and aching hands and arms.

Although the best thing about this therapy is that you can easily apply it yourself, but nothing could beat the soothing experience that you can get from perfect hand massage from a professionally trained massage therapist.

We recommend you to enjoy a relaxing hand massage at least once every week and some of these techniques you can use on your own on a daily basis to give your hands and arms some relaxation.

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