Acche Din Are Here! It’s Official That Airports & Theaters Can’t Sell Products At Higher MRPs!

Airports & Theaters Can’t Sell Products At Higher MRPs

People always complained that they had to pay different prices for the same product at different places. For example, a mineral water bottle at a theater or airport costs Rs 50-100, even though the actual price is just Rs 20. Now, the government has come up with a solution and you don’t have to pay different prices anymore.


Government has brought in a lot of relief to people as it officially said a “NO” to companies to sell product at different MRPs. This was after customers complained that they had to pay higher MRPs at theaters, malls and airports.


Reports said,

“The directive is part of the changes in the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, which will come into effect from January 1, 2018.”

Airports & Theaters Can’t Sell Products At Higher MRPs


Sufficient time is being given to manufacturers so that they can conveniently comply with the same. After a lot of consultations, this balanced approach was adopted.


Reports further said,

“Based on the experience of implementation of the rules and after a detailed stakeholder consultation, the department has amended the rules, aimed at enhanced consumer protection, but at the same time balancing with the requirement of ease of doing business.”


An official statement read,

“Specific mention is made in the rules that no person shall declare different MRPs (dual MRP) on an identical pre-packaged commodity, unless allowed under any law. This will benefit consumers at large as they are having complaint regarding dual MRP for item depending upon different type of public places like cinema hall, airport, malls etc.”


However, restaurant owners were of the opinion that this rule wouldn’t be applicable to them because under GST, they fall under “Supplier service” category. Basically, this rule applies only to retail services wherein products are purchased off the counter.


Airports & Theaters Can’t Sell Products At Higher MRPs


Further, the government ordered that the size of numerals and letters must be increased so that it becomes clearer and easy to read.

Even the syringes, implants, valves, stents, tools etc will have to display MRP. This move is surely going to benefit customers a lot.

Great step by government!

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