9 REAL Reasons Why ‘The Goa Plan’ With Our Friends Does Not Work Out After College

goa plan

Raise your hand if your “Goa Plan” with your friends been canceled?


It is the yearly topic that is raised by that one guy in our college group in WhatApp. And we always find ourselves busy when it’s proposed.

We may blame our professional lives for the cancellations, or maybe even the fact that everyone has moved to different cities, the real reasons are not usually brought up.

Because they are unpleasant conversation topics you can’t have with your old college buds.


1. Everyone really wants to go, but doesn’t want to, at the same time

goa plan


Let’s face it – there is one over-enthusiastic guy who pushes for the plan every time. We want to go, but we do not want to go too. It is very complicated to explain.


We will show on the group chat that we want to go, because everyone just replies in affirmatives after the overenthusiastic guy types “GUYS, GOA NEXT WEEK?!”

All the replies that go “Haan yaar.”, or “Cool” are just plain NOs.


2. Goddamn friends are getting engaged and married all around


goa plan


Let’s face it, it is literally “dost dost na raha”. Our friends are not really ours anymore. Their hearts are taken. Even the ones who get girlfriends whine about not finding time to hang out.

If your friend is committed, you have a slight chance he/she may come. If they are engaged or married, forget it.

“Jaa tu uske saath. Ab kya yaad karega hum ko tu”


3. Even with one person less, it just doesn’t seem like fun anymore.


goa plan


Somehow we all picture the WHOLE gang together in Goa. Even with the absence of just one person, it is not the same anymore. You want the whole group to be there.

And it is never just one person.

“Yaar, Tapan BC ki bohot yaad aa rahi hai.”


4. One person says no, and it becomes a domino effect, everyone just piles the “nos” on

goa plan


Frankly, everyone who cannot go just waits for the first person to say no in the group chat. Once that person says no, everyone who can’t go just say no in a beeline.

And who gets trashed? The first guy brave enough to say no.

“Tu dost nahi hai BC!”


5. Some of us can’t really afford it.


goa plan

Not all of us got a cushy well-paid job after college. Many are still filling out resumes and updating them, while many are still interning.

And others are just working in places that pay them peanuts. We may not say it, but the financial reason is very prevalent.

6. Everyone gets new friends. Some even go to Goa with them.


goa plan


Some make new friends, some make so many new friends that the old ones go really down on the WhatApp chat list.

Truth be told, it sometimes hurts to see your old college mates go to Goa with their new friends and post their shit on FB.

“Gaddar BC!”

7. Everyone has a different idea where to go. Too many ideas and in the end, no agreement, no Goa.

goa plan

“Bro, let’s go to Kozhikode! Vahan ‘shrooms milte hain!”


“Bro. One word. KASOL.”



8. Then one guy says, “Chodd BC Khandala chaltein hain!” and everyone just agrees.


goa plan


This is because, in the end, you just have a particularly lazy bunch of friends who want the laziest vacation ever.

“Abe, jaake daaru hi peena hai toh Khandala chalo. Goa tak kyu jaana?”

9. By the time everyone says YES, it is too late


goa plan


The suggestion to go to Goa is made on a Monday.

By the time everyone gives in and says yes, it is the month end and no one has the money to go. Or someone made other plans by the time the others say yes.

That’s when you realize that everyone has a life now. You are not vella college students anymore.

If your group has had a Goa plan successful, you are one of the lucky ones. Some even go ahead and make a Thailand trip. Some lose contact with each other, even in the time of FB.

If you are one of those college groups who made it happen, you deserve a pat on the back to keep your friends close and together.

For the rest of us, there is still WhatsApp to keep our hopes alive, year after year.

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