This 79-Year-Old Woman Who Never Gave Into The Societal Pressure Is The REAL Iron Lady

79-Year-Old Woman Who Never Gave Into The Societal Pressure

In a beautiful post shared by Humans of India, let her teach you the art of doing it on one’s own terms. Read the post here.


I didn’t get married. Because in our time, the traditional system where the boy comes to see the girl over tea, was what decided the marriage. Since I didn’t agree with that, I told my father that I won’t get married this way.


But if I do happen to like somebody, I will tell him honestly. And he respected my wishes. Eventually, I did meet a few people who I liked, but I never asked them, and life moved on. But I have so many social contact, that I’ve never felt lonely at all!


79-Year-Old Woman Who Never Gave Into The Societal Pressure


Now, I have been working with traffic control for the last 16 years. The traffic in Pune is hardly disciplined, so as a help to the police force, we started working with a trust called ‘Nirdhaar’.


In the year 2000, we started a scheme called ‘ Schoolgate Volunteers’ under which we regulate the traffic outside schools when during its opening and closing hours. I go to three such places throughout the day. I am 79 years old, but I’ve decided that I will continue doing this job till my body supports me.


I love driving. I have participated in many rallies and have won many trophies as well. My first rally was on a scooter. In 1970, I took part in the rally from Nagpur to Mumbai, where I covered 896 km on my Vespa.


I was the only female participant from all over India. Since then, this has become my passion. I’ve taken the scooter to Tasgaon, Sangli, Bijapur; driven my 1934 Austin to Bombay and Hyderabad; and taken this Ambassador to Ratnagiri in 7 hours.


I’ve decided that once I retire from this traffic control job, I will drive to the Vidarbha – Marathwada region since I’ve never explored those parts of India.



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