5 Important Services Of SBI For Its Customers

Important Services Of SBI

SBI or State Bank of India is without a doubt, the largest among public sector based banks in India. This bank played a deciding role by establishing an organized version of the Indian banking sector by bringing in an array of services that cater to its customers whether it is an individual or business. With its headquarters located in Mumbai, the bank houses 24,000+ branches all over the country with 59,000 ATMs operational in India.

The services provided by SBI include options such as:

  • Home Loan by SBI:

SBI ranks as the major mortgage lender for the loan seekers in India. The bank has helped 30 lakh+ families all over the country. The Home Loan option by SBI brings the availability of these loans at comparatively low-interest rates. This worthy loan is the right choice given the fact that it comes with the option for instant e-approval that can be completed within 3 simple steps. You can easily transfer the outstanding balance on any loan taken from different banks to SBI and save a good amount with lower interests.

  • SBI Credit Card:

SBI Card operates as joint venture amidst GE Capital and State Bank of India. The bank is 2nd largest provider when it comes to credit cards in our country with the wide range of features for the customers. You can easily convert the bigger expenses to easy EMIs with the use of Flexipay. Easy payment of utility bills is possible with standard instruction settings. Pick from 3 different variations for insurance covers.

  • SBI Debit Card:

With a savings account, all the SBI customers are eligible for the complimentary SBI Debit card which is also known as SBI ATM card. The card is of various types with several benefits and rewards.

Account owners can choose from a range of options that include SBI Platinum International Debit Card, SBI Silver International Debit Card, SBI Classic Debit Card, etc. The debit cards also come with safety features that allow you the option for SBI ATM Card Block in case your card is lost or stolen.

  • SBI Gold Loan:

Customers can easily avail loan against gold from the State Bank of India which is available at affordable interest rates. The loan amount that you are eligible for entirely depends on the current gold market value. The maximum possible repayment period for SBI Gold Loan ceases beyond 36 months. The margin for gold loans is set at 25 percent. The minimum loan amount is INR 20,000 with the minimum age requirement of 21 years.

  • SBI Educational Loan:

SBI also caters to the young generation of India with student loans that help with the fulfillment of their dream for studying at the top ranking institutes. This loan aptly covers all the requirements for admission such as books, equipment, uniform, lab fee, exam fee, tuition fee, etc. Maximum loan amount for admission in Indian colleges is INR 10 Lakhs while the same for foreign country stands at INR 20 Lakhs.

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