10 Relationship Quotes and Saying Straight From the Heart

Relationship Quotes and Saying

Love, the most unique and precious feeling in all emotions. It is the feeling for which people struggle to find their true love of life. Love has a different range such as love of a mother is different from the love of the spouse, love of food. Love of brother and sister, they all differ from each other. God makes are all relations but gives only one chance in life to choose one, that is our relationship with our spouse. It is the feeling that is indescribable.

True love does not need of exchange of expensive gifts. Dates, they just need few purest words straight directly from the depth of heart. As we know that it is hard to describe our feeling of love in words. But these 10 given relationship quotes & sayings will help you to express your strong feelings of love. It gives a secure and special feeling to your spouse.

What should I do now to bring a smile to your face?

Women have a mysterious personality. No one can understand that what is going on in the heart of the women. She always wants attention from their loved ones. She is the most sensitive creature of God. She always wants protection from his spouse. These words.  What should I do now to bring a smile to your face?” is enough to melt her heart.

You stole my heart, but I gave you permission to keep it.

Above quote is full of a feeling of love.  This quote will surely constrain your spouse for smiling and describing his feeling also.

I know that you love me by all the things you do for me, even when I don’t ask you.

Men show their love by helping women. They know that women like those men who love to help her women in all things whether it’s office work, housework, shopping or anything. She loves those men who shoe their love by do little things for their women especially when she doesn’t ask to do.

It matters the most that you are with me even when no one

Time is the thing which can’t remain same so in this life, difficult times came on all so these quotes tell that when there will be nothing with you so it’s doesn’t matter because the most precious is your spouse that is with you.

“you are the shelter of me.”

All women feel safest when she is with his partner

Whenever Facebook asks me what’s on my mind? honestly its always you.

We can call this most precious and naughty quotation. No one is able to forget his love and relationship even for a minute.

Everyone has an addiction, mine is you

This one is the perfect quote of pure and true relationship. Love is an addiction and when it’s not so probably it’s not a true love

You held me so tight I couldn’t breathe, but this a better way to die.

True lovers never want to be the end of their life but you can say in a naughty way to die in the arms of the person you love.

I want to be your hardest goodbye and favorite hello

It is always difficult to say goodbye to your love for a few hours also.

The first thing I imagined is you when I saw the word ‘love’

Purest quotation for your love is the upper one because whenever you see your lover this will comes to your mind.

In a crowd, my eyes will always be searching for you.

It’s natural that wherever you go you think always to your spouse. We all are searching our loved ones in a crowd.

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