Leadership skills

There’s a lot we all can learn from our PM.



He has all qualities that a good entrepreneur should possess.Be it his effective public speaking skills or the way he handles the issues of his people and takes a stand for them, he has a lot to teach us.


Here are 10 leadership skills that we all should learn from him:


1. Time management

When it comes to meeting dignitaries or even ordinary people, no one can beat his punctuality. Although he’s undoubtedly one of the busiest men in our country with a packed schedule to follow every day, he knows how to manage his time well.

2. Public speaking

The art of public speaking is a must when it comes to being a good leader. If not public speaking, you need to have the expertise of talking and communicating well with your team. Mr. Modi is a champion at public speaking. His powerful words make his speeches worth listening.


 Leadership skills


ImageSource: Shining India News

3. Voicing your team’s opinion

Mr. Modi knows how to take a stand for the people he represents. He has expressed opinions of Indians and highlighted many of their issues at a global level. Taking a stand for your team and voicing their opinion is an essential trait every good leader must possess.

4. Humility

With his humility and charm, he has set an example for all Indians. He’s one of the very few leaders who treat their opposition with respect. A good leader needs to be humble and calm all the time. He should not let his opponents control the way he reacts to situations.

5. People management skills

A good leader should know how to manage his people, and Mr. Modi knows this art well. He makes it a point to prioritize the interests of his people over his personal goals. He led BJP to a historic victory and continues to steer his party well.

6. Dedication

His commitment towards India is admirable. Since the day he came to power, he has been working relentlessly towards improving the conditions of his nation. He has implemented numerous schemes like Make In India, Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, among others, to help India take steps towards development.

7. Enthusiasm

Nobody likes a dull leader. Even at the age of 65, Mr. Modi displays commendable levels of enthusiasm. He inaugurated the Swacch Bharat Mission by cleaning the roads himself. Every leader should be enthusiastic enough to practice what he preaches rather than merely making big claims.


 Leadership skills



Image Source: Hindu Human Rights

8. Clear vision

From the very beginning, he has been clear about his goals and plans for the nation. Although while campaigning for elections he made some big claims, we can’t ignore the fact that he has actually accomplished many of the milestones he’d listed. A leader’s vision is essential for the progress of the entire team. Hence, it needs to be crystal clear.

9. Patience

When you hold the most important position in a country, and you’re responsible for running the entire nation well, you need to be patient. Things don’t happen in an instant. You need to have the patience to see things through, exactly like Mr. Modi. You’ll never see him overpowered by his emotions. That’s an important lesson on leadership.


 Leadership skills


Image Source: India

10. Taking one step at a time

After making a foolproof plan for the development of the country, he takes one step at a time. He followed a stepwise plan, right from winning the Gujarat elections to finally becoming the Prime Minister of India. Every small milestone plays a crucial role in your leadership journey.




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